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2019​ / Hokkaido, Japan

The Hokkaido Veneer Cube is a structure made from plywood that uses local timber such as Japanese white birch, painted maple, Japanese poplar, and Sakhalin fir, all which range in color and expression. Depending on the angle from which it is viewed, the plywood appearance is altered, becoming aesthetically variable.


The different types of plywood are used for each 3 sets of facing facades. This system of inserting plywood boards 3-dimensionally creates a rigid structure. A new joint system was developed for this project: 2 members on the same surface are first connected with fish tail joints, then are interlocked by inserting a perpendicular member.


The multiple squares that configure the structure can be used as shelves, and are well suited for use in places such as libraries, book stores, among others.

TEAM: Takenaka Corporation (Event Organization), Keio University SFC Hiroto Kobayashi Laboratory (Design, Construction), Hokkaido Research Organization Forest Products Research Institute, NITTAX Corporation, Hokkaido Sapporo Technical High School, Books Kinokuniya Sapporo, and others

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