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2017​ / Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

The pavilion was built in a forest behind an industrial high school in Slovenj Gradec in Slovenia. It will be used for gatherings, presentations, events, and other functions by the students and neighbors.


The design and construction of the pavilion is conducted by the students of Keio University Kobayashi Lab and Ljubljana University Glazar Lab, and with the help of local high school students. The post and beam structure is composed of simple plywood elements which were cut both by hand and using a CNC router operated at the high school.


The pavilion was built with the intent that its open structure will promote open dialogue and interaction between people and place.

TEAMKeio University SFC Hiroto Kobayashi Laboratory (Design, Construction), Ljubljana University Glazar Laboratory (Design, Construction), Akira Suzuki (Structural Engineering), Local High School (Construction), and others

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