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Purchasing a Veneer House kit means you help grow a network of mutual aid and friendship!

We ask our customers to consider joining our contact list of people willing to support our actions when emergencies occur. Such actions may include donating or lending Veneer House kits, as well as donating money to manufacture and send new kits directly to disaster sites. We try to create a structure where people can help each other in various ways during times of need.

Also, we commit to donating 5% of all kits' base price to disaster relief projects.




An interior office booth that will create a middle ground between open and closed office layouts.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these kits, click here for the order inquiry form.

*Currently, kits are only available for delivery in Japan.

*These kits are self-build products. Please enjoy the process of assembly!

However, please contact us if you need assembly service as we may be able to accommodate for a fee.

*More kits are currently in development and are coming soon!




We have experience designing unique Veneer Houses in many different countries!


Veneer House is not just buildings! We can also design furniture and other kinds of structures using the same unique system.


We can hold workshops for educational purposes, events and more!


If you prefer to purchase digital data only, we may be able to do so depending on the condition.

If you are interested in any of these services, email us at <> and let's discuss your tailored project. Be sure to mention your name and the location of your project.

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