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2013 / Pathein, Myanmar

The Manawhari Learning Center, located in the Ayeyarwady Region of Myanmar, was constructed in collaboration with the local villagers of Manawhari. This provincial village suffers from poor sanitary conditions and educational opportunities, as the disparity between cities and the countryside grows as a result of democracy and globalization. The project aimed to contribute to the improvement of the local living environment, and also to empower the local community through education and enhance their mutual bond.


In order to make the construction as easy as possible, the number and types of building components were kept to a minimum. The building was constructed using only hammers and saws, since electricity was not available at the site. Veneer boards were used for structure and local materials such as woven bamboo were used for finishing, demonstrating respect for local craftsmanship and building culture.

TEAM: YMCA (Sponsor), Kobayashi Maki Design Workshop (Design, Construction), Keio University SFC Hiroto Kobayashi Laboratory (Design, Construction), Akira Suzuki (Structural Engineering), Kouetsu Fujio (Construction), Local Residents (Construction), and others

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