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Bed & Book Booth (B&B Booth)

2020​ / Tokyo, Japan

B&B Booth is a cubic lattice designed for children's room and study in a private residence. This Veneer House is based on the Hokkaido Veneer Cube's structure, but achieves a higher level of privacy with an added door, backboards that separate internal and external space, and a ceiling that allows one to climb on top of the structure. This Veneer House system uses widely distributed standardized 3x6 (910mm x 1820mm) boards, more versatile than those that require less common larger size boards.

The B&B Booth can provide children with their own space, while its exterior can be used as a bookshelf. The backboards can be taken out to loosely connect inside and outside, enabling one to adjust finely the way they communicate.

TEAM: Keio University SFC Hiroto Kobayashi Laboratory (Design, Construction), Shin-ei Kogei (Precut, Construction),  Kobayashi Maki Design Workshop (Construction), and others

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