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2017​ / Kanagawa, Japan

The Enoshima No-Nail Veneer Beach House is a temporary beach pavilion built to celebrate summer activities on Enoshima East Beach, where 2020 Olympic events are planned to be held. Its simple arch shape is made up of only 6 different types of components, allowing for a fast and easy construction process. The pavilion is used 2 months per year in the height of summer, so it will be erected and disassembled each year.


The beach pavilion accommodates functions including a lifeguard’s office, a first-aid station, and a beach radio station. Since no nails or screws are used during construction, the beach is kept safe and clean after its disassembly.


The simple foundation made of LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) and the lightweight frame reduces storage, transport, and construction costs.

TEAM: NPO Umisakura (Sponsor), The Nippon Foundation (Sponsor), Kobayashi Maki Design Workshop (Design, Construction), Akira Suzuki (Structural Engineering), Asao Tokolo (Graphic Design), Shin-ei Kogei (Precut), Haseman (Construction), Keio University SFC Hiroto Kobayashi Laboratory (Construction), Local Residents (Construction), and others

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